Sojourner Rebinds

There’s something special about a leather bound Bible. I mean an actual leather bound Bible. When the leather is soft to the touch and supple in your hands. It has the unique ability to invite you to spend time combing through its pages and studying its words. The quality and craftsmanship of a leather bound Bible is designed to last a lifetime—an heirloom to be handed down to the next generation. It’s for this reason that I started to rebind Bibles and it’s for this reason that I’d love to rebind yours.

If you’re interested in getting a Bible rebinded, please feel free to contact me and begin the conversation (see details below for estimated prices). If you’re interested in buying a rebound Bible, please feel free to visit the Sojourner Rebinds eBay page.

Basic Rebind $120-$175

Hand Size (7″ x 4.5″ x 1-1.5″) – $120-$130

Small Thinlines (8-8.75″ x 5-5.5″ x 1″) – $135-$145

Large Thinlines (9-9.75″ x 6-6.5″ x 1-1.5″) – $150-$160

Study Bibles or Large Bibles (up to 1.75″) – $165-$175

**Prices listed above depends on choice of leather. If the thickness measures more than the listed measurement within any category, add $10

What is included in a basic rebind?

  • Calfskin or Goatskin Leather cover (color determined by customer within a limited set)

  • 4-5 hubs (raised ribs on spine)

  • 2 Ribbons (color determined by customer within a limited set; add $5 per additional ribbon);

  • Semi-Yapp (Cover wraps around page edges)

  • Spine reinforcement

  • Media mail return shipping is included

 How Do I Order?

  • Contact me
  • Send your bible to me
  • Send payment via PayPal (Payment must be received before work can begin).