Review: ESV Story of Redemption Bible

The ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God by Crossway is a unique Bible that aims to capture the essence of the biblical narrative while also stringing the reader through the complex tapestry of divine redemption. It’s truly a simple concept but often overlooked. The way that Crossway accomplished this is through a beautifully designed typeset, page layout, and paper quality, paired with roughly 900 notes placed throughout the biblical text. The notes have been written by Pastor Greg Gilbert and are conversational in tone. They are embedded directly within the biblical text and effectively work to connect the landmarks of the redemptive story to the reader in a way that is often overlooked.

The design of the Bible is exquisite. It comes on in a variety of cover options (hardcover, trutone, and top-grain leather). The most luxurious of which is the black top-grain leather edition. The cover is soft and pliable in the hand. The cover and spine are also beautifully decorated in a gold-foil stamped design that compliments the inner artwork found throughout the Bible. The paper is nice and think, and color is more cream than white. I found this to be excellent for longer reading. The Bible is large. No way around it. It’s not as large as the ESV Study Bible, but it’s still a big Bible. I found the notes to be very helpful and informative. That said, it’s important to note that this is not a Study Bible in the traditional sense. The notes are not intended to explain the Bible verse-by-verse. Rather the notes complement the text in a way that helps the reader focus on the larger picture of God’s redemptive nature. They help you see the forest as you navigate around the trees.

In sum, I found The ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God by Crossway to be a great encouragement. This is a Bible that encourages reading the Scriptures as much as it does ones comprehending of God’s redemptive work. That said, it’s a big Bible. Not likely a Bible to be used as an everyday carry. But, if you’re looking for a Bible that will keep you from losing sight of the person and work of Christ in Leviticus during your annual read through Bible, then this is a very exciting option that is 100% worth the experience. You will be enriched as you see all Scripture come together in a way like never before! It comes highly recommended!



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