Review: All But Invisible

33098693Nate Collins received a PhD in New Testament Studies from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). Collins served as an instructor of New Testament Interpretation at SBTS and is currently a partner associate at The Sight Ministry, a Christian organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, that provides resources and support for individuals, families, and churches regarding LGBTQ issues. Recently, Collins authored graciously informed volume that uniquely explores the interchange between faith, gender, and sexuality like no other book on the market.

All But Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of Faith, Gender and Sexuality is divided into three major parts: (1) The Vision Problem, (2) The Idea Problem, and (3) Identity Matters. Part one and two seek to explore “two big-picture problems facing twenty-first-century Christians who want to explore a more thoughtful way forward in thinking about gay orientations and identity” (p. 21). Part three seeks to provide resolution to these problems and offer insight into how we can “focus our efforts on helping the church to be a place where gay and lesbian men and women can discover the abundant life that the gospel promises them” (p. 28). The reach of Collins’ approach penetrates the problems with clarity and sensitivity, and the outcome provides readers with careful and informative exploration.

There is much to be praised about All But Invisible. First and foremost, it is important to note that Collins affirms a traditional Christian sexual ethic as a same-sex-attracted man who is married to his wife of thirteen years and the father of three sons. Collins is informed on LGBTQ issues both intellectually and personally, and steered by an unwavering commitment to Christ, and offers readers a unique perspective on the topic unlike anything else on the market. Second, the personal point of view that Collins brings to the conversation, united together with a keen understanding of the cultural landscape and Scriptural conviction, further offers readers an immediate perspective that separates All But Invisible from other books of similar scope. Lastly, Collins consistently tackles the tough questions without reservations, and the answers provided seriously engage the issues with as much weight as the questions.

All But Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of Faith, Gender and Sexuality by Nate Collins combines rigorous research with a unique perspective, personal experience, and an unwavering commitment to Christ that culminates into one fantastic book. This is a book that will give readers a new pair of lenses to view the world. The love of Christ is on every page, and readers will do well to listen to his perspective. It’s both timely and timeless. If you are in search of a book that will inform your understanding and encourage your heart, then look no further. It comes highly recommended!

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