Review: Leaving Mormonism

91L-UJ7M-7LLeaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds edited by Corey Miller and Lynn K. Wilder is a captivating autobiographical encounter of four former Mormons, each of whom is an accomplished scholar, who have departed from the LDS church to embrace evangelical Christianity. Each contributor shares an account of growing up in Mormonism, as well as how biblical, theological, moral, and scientific issues ultimately forced them to abandon the LDS Church and its doctrine.

Corey Miller is a sixth-generation Mormon who became a Christian nearly 30 years ago. He is the president/CEO of Ratio Christi and an adjunct professor of Comparative Religion at Indian University. Lynn Wilder became a Mormon in 1977 and, among other things, was a tenured professor at Brigham Young University before becoming a Christian in 2006. Latayne C. Scott became a Mormon at the age of 11, attended Brigham Young University, and later became a Christian. Scott received a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Trinity Southwest University and has authored more than 20 books. James Vincent Eccles was born into Mormonism with a rich Mormon heritage. Eccles became a Christian in 1975 and is currently a research scientist with the Center of Atmospheric and Space Sciences at Utah State University.

The overarching tone of Leaving Mormonism is both respectful and informative throughout as each of the contributors shares their account with intellectual honesty and concern for Mormons as people. Each account is somewhat unique but similar in many respects, and each contributor does an extraordinary service to the reader by balancing their story with the reasons for leaving the Mormon church. This allows readers to hear the heart behind the intellectual concerns that arise throughout the volume and better positions them to evaluate the content of such claims. There is also a decent amount of engagement with primary sources within Mormonism, though the choice of endnotes somewhat hinders the assessment of such material. Moreover, the editors have taken great care to ensure that the issues discussed in Leaving Mormonism provide readers with an overview of the major divide between biblical Christianity and LDS doctrine.

Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds edited by Corey Miller and Lynn K. Wilder is a book that will encourage your heart and prepare your mind for serious engagement with the LDS community. It is important to stress the sensitivity that is noticed throughout the volume. Mormons are treated as people, and rightly so. That said, the doctrine of the LDS church is evaluated with rational eyes towards the faithfulness of biblical Christianity and is shown to be seriously misguided on several fronts. It’s a book that needs to be on the shelf of every serious Christian seeking to engage the world. You never know, it could come in handy the next time your doorbell rings!

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