Review – The Reformation Then and Now

51ymul7XtVLFor twenty-five years, Modern Reformation magazine has sought to influence contemporary Christianity towards a reawakening of the God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-wrought place of worship that was birthed from the Protestant Reformation. Now, as the world eagerly awaits the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, Eric Landry and Michael Horton have brought together over forty of the most important articles published by the magazine for a tour de force of Reformation history and thought.

The Reformation Then and Now: 25 Years of Modern Reformation Articles Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation is organized around three major sections: (1) the cause, (2) characters, and (3) consequences of the Reformation. The articles are roughly ten pages in length and cover a swath of Reformation history and theology. Landry and Horton have also included appendix material offering short biographies of the major reformers, a brief sketch of Reformation history, and the five key concepts of Reformation spirituality.

Depending on the reader’s personal interest or curiosity, each major section will have favored articles and high points. However, as one who is naturally intrigued by the history and theology of the Reformation, I found most (if not all) of the articles to be essential for different reasons. Some highlights for me included “The State of the Church Before the Reformation” by Alister McGrath, “Pelagianism” by Michael Horton, and “Calvin and Jonathan Edwards” by Paul Helm. There were articles that I anticipated (at least topics) but didn’t find addressed. That said, most of them would likely fall outside the scope of the three major sections, and thus, I am unable to find fault for the omission.

The Reformation Then and Now: 25 Years of Modern Reformation Articles Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation edited by Eric Landry and Michael S. Horton offers an attractively organized collection of articles curated and arranged for the benefit of the reader. The book itself is bound in a handsome hardcover with dustjacket and constructed of quality materials. It will last for a long time and look good doing it. If you’re looking for a way to bring in the celebration of the 500th anniversary or simply become more informed about the history and theology of the Protestant Reformation, then The Reformation Then and Now is an indispensable resource. It was a joy to read and reflect on. It comes highly recommended!


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