Review: To the Cross

34501638Christopher J. H. Wright is International Ministries director of the Langham Partnership and the author of numerous books related to global missions, the Old Testament, and the people of God. Wright is both a veteran scholar and a seasoned pastor, and his most recent book offers readers a wonderful glimpse into the intersection of the former with the latter.

To the Cross: Proclaiming the Gospel from the Upper Room to Calvary is a collection of sermons Wright preached at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. These five sermons guide the reader from the Lord’s Supper to the crucifixion (The Last Supper – Matt. 26:17-30; Peter’s Denial – Matt. 26:69-75; Insults and Paradise – Luke 23:26-43; From Darkness to Light – Mark 15:33-39; It is Finished – John 19:28-37). As expected, Wright provides an excellent example of what it looks like to blend Old Testament insight with a New Testament declaration of the Cross of Christ. Wright likewise does an exceptional job illustrating the major points of the text for the reader.

There is much to be praised about this volume. First and foremost, Wright is a brilliant scholar, and his sensitivity to the broader biblical narrative consistently informs his exposition. There are more insights in this volume, and thus the five sermons preached than most pastors would be able to feed to their congregation over the course of a year. Second, Wright has provided readers a glimpse into his preparatory work in the form of an appendix. For those interested in workflow and preparation tips, this appendix will be a joy to read. Finally, not only is Wright readable and engaging, but he captivates the heart with nearly every page. I could only imagine the impact of these sermons being preached live, but I am forever thankful they have been made available in print.

To the Cross: Proclaiming the Gospel from the Upper Room to Calvary by Christopher J. H. Wright is an excellent example of why there is still so much wonder available to captivate the hearts of believers in the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. This is not only an ideal book for the Lenten season or Holy Week; it is easily on the of the most important. Outside of the Bible, if you plan on digesting anything this season, I would highly recommend this new one by Christopher J. H. Wright.

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