Review: No God but One

27840555Nabeel Qureshi is a New York Times best-selling author and an internationally recognized speaker. Qureshi received an MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School, an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, an MA in Religion from Duke University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in New Testament studies at Oxford University. Qureshi is well-known Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity. It was here that he recounted much of the story of his faith conversion from Islam to Christianity. Now, in this much anticipated sequel, Qureshi provides readers with an outline of the evidence that ultimately moved his heart away from Allah and towards Jesus.

No God But One: Allah or Jesus? addresses the major questions at the interface of Islam and Christianity. The book is divided into ten specific questions: (1) Sharia or Gospel? (2) Tawhid or the Trinity? (3) Muhammad or Jesus? (4) The Quran or the Bible? (5) Jihad or the Crusades? (6) Did Jesus die on the cross? (7) Did Jesus rise from the dead? (8) Did Jesus claim to be God? (9) Is Muhammad a Prophet of God? (10) Is the Quran the word of God? The breadth of coverage is impressive and the reader will certainly benefit from Qureshi’s lucid writing.

While Qureshi doesn’t address every concerning issue related to the Muslim/Christian dialogue, he does cover most of the major issues the reader should be familiar with in the conversation if they are approaching this book with questions. Not to mention, this book is slightly narratival in scope, and thus, Qureshi is primarily concerned with walking the reader through the theological and historical questions that ultimately persuaded him to faith in Christ. This is a benefit for the target audience. Qureshi is engaging and careful in his presentation, and he does well to balance need-to-know information without getting “too academic.” This will be considered both a strength and a weakness for most readers—a strength in that Qureshi has provided an introduction that requires little intellectual taxation and will be useful for ministry; a weakness in that a popular level book of this caliber will ultimately leave some readers left wanting.

No God But One: Allah or Jesus? by Nabeel Qureshi is a much anticipated sequel that offers the reader an honest appraisal of some of the major questions that continue to linger at the interface of Islam and Christianity. Qureshi is lucid and informative without being overbearing and overly academic. It is clear that Qureshi has sincerely wrestled with these questions before bringing the reader into the journey. While Qureshi clearly affirms a Christian bias given his faith journey, if you are looking for an honest and balanced introduction to the Muslim/Christian dialogue from a somewhat autobiographical perspective, Nabeel Qureshi’s No God But One: Allah or Jesus? is a book I would highly recommend engaging.

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