Review: Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting

29011661Sam Serio is President and Founder of Healing Sexual Hurt—an Atlanta based ministry working to equip people around the world to wrestle with sexual hurt from a biblical worldview. Serio has over three and a half decades of experience in both preaching and counseling the sexually hurt, and his most recent book offers readers a wellspring of practical insight and biblical wisdom on how to navigate the difficult waters of such issues from the pulpit.
Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting is comprised of basically two major sections. In the initial section, Serio brings the reader up to speed with the contemporary landscape of the Christian church. This section may come as an eye-opener to the pastor who is largely disconnected from those in his congregation. Serio does an excellent job connecting the culture and congregational life with the reality of our present world, and his ministry puts him on the frontlines to speak to such issues with clarity and authority.

The second section comprises the majority of the book and is likely the reason that readers will find this volume appealing. It is here that Serio looks deep into his bag of experience and guides the reader through how to address sexual hurts such as abortion, pornography, childhood sexual abuse and molestation, same-sex attraction and homosexuality, and more. Serio is extremely careful in how he presents each topic, and the sensitivity of those being addressed is clearly at the forefront of his mind. Readers will glean much from Serio’s pastoral heart and compassion for people.

As a leader who is neither a pastor nor a counselor, I found Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting to be extremely helpful in my interaction and communication with people in general. Serio offers excellent and appropriate insight, and his demeanor throughout is a posture that every Christian should seek to exemplify when handling topics such as that addressed in this volume. To be completely fair, this is not the type of book that I would have purchased had I not been given the opportunity to do this review. That said, I cannot express enough the importance and timeliness of this volume. It was much more beneficial than I would have ever thought, both for understanding myself and communicating with others.

Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting by Sam Serio is a volume that all Christians, but especially pastors and teachers should read and refer to often. The wealth of wisdom and pastoral insight is breathtaking given the nature of the subject matter addressed. If you are looking for a book that will both instruct and inform your heart to better serve the people around you then this is a volume you will not want to overlook. It comes highly recommended!

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