Commentaries: Pauline Epistles

In the last post we took a brief look at some the commentaries that I have found to most helpful in my studies of the Gospels and Acts. In this post we will turn attention to the bulk of the New Testament, as I seek to outline the commentaries that I have found most helpful in my studies of the Pauline epistles.

At the offset it is important to note that I don’t particularly agree with the conclusion of every commentary listed, and there are a number of excellent commentaries that I have not included because I do not own them. This is not intended to be exhaustive. But, rather a concise list of commentaries that I have and continue to find helpful both in my graduate and personal studies.

I hope that you found these next several posts helpful. If you have any questions or would like a more detailed opinion on a book mentioned (or not mentioned), please feel free to comment below.


Paul’s letter to the church in Rome is likely the most commented on book in the entire New Testament. History has boasted an uncountable number of commentaries on Romans, and the chances that the church is done publishing on this beloved letter are slim. The following are commentaries that I have found helpful while navigating the book of Romans:

1 Corinthians

Paul’s first epistle to Corinth has produced many helpful and interesting commentaries—typically the case with an letter that contains disputed passage. The following are some of may favorite commentaries on 1 Corinthians:

2 Corinthians

While less theologically controversial than 1 Corinthians, Paul’s second epistle to the church in Corinth surprisingly boasts a good number of commentaries. The following are some of my most used:


In terms of theological significance and cutting edge biblical debates Galatians has always found itself amid the discussions. Consequently there are a plethora of excellent commentaries. The following are a few that I have found especially helpful:


The epistle to the Ephesians is rich with biblical treasures. It is a letter that should dear to the Christians heart. There are a number of great commentaries on this Pauline epistle, and below are a few of my favorites:


The letter of Philippians is a personal favorite of mine, and there are a couple commentaries that I have come to know and use often:

Colossians & Philemon

The letter of Colossians is a book of the New Testament that I have been working through for some time now. Philemon is a small but weighty general epistle, and typically one will find Colossians and Philemon grouped together within the same volume. There are a number of commentaries that I have found helpful for this little letter:

1 & 2 Thessalonians 

These two epistles boast a wealth of Pauline theology. There are a number of commentaries available (typically both epistles will be included in one volume), but only a little less than a handful of them I have found personally helpful:

Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus)

These three epistles (commonly referred to as the Pastoral Epistles) are some of the most pastorally rich literature in the entire New Testament. There are mounds of wisdom in these letter and tremendous commentaries have followed. The following are  a few that I have found helpful:

A few honorable mentions that have also been of great encouragement are:

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